About us

About us



ASIA NEWS TODAY (ANT) a digital news platform that was initially established it’s operation in Melbourne, Australia.

ANT operation office is strategically located in the time zone of GMT plus 8 hours, within the Asia’s key financial capitals i.e. Tokyo, Beijing, Hong Kong, Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

We also have an operational team that runs from Kuala Lumpur connecting with our news partners within the ASEAN reach as well as Australia and New Zealand.

ANT is able to be at the right timing of capturing the latest news updates and channelling the news worldwide via the digital format.



Asia News Today (ANT) is incorporated as a Media subsidiary company of Asia News Today Network.

The holding company was established in 1997 to venture into ICT businesses, beginning with ventures into hardware supply and set up to the public and private establishments.

For the last 5 years, Asia News Today has shifted the business focus into software IT business especially in social media business.

With a strong number of media experienced team manning ANT, it is set to propel into greater heights of providing non-bias and non-prejudice of ASIAN news to all readers.

The correspondent offices of ANT would also be located in Jakarta and Melbourne, which would give ANT a distinct advantage to understand the heart of Asia news.



ANT intends to be the preferred non-bias digital news portal for the Asian and Asia-Pacific community.



  • ANT mission is to provide alternative media focusing on Asian need for news as the organisation understand the types of news relevant to Asian people.
  • ANT mission is to provide real-time news to readers
  • ANT is focused on breaking news such as business, sports, politics, technology and special reports.





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