Author: ‘Whale’ a tale of fraud and Jho Low’s life of excess

Author: ‘Whale’ a tale of fraud and Jho Low’s life of excess

KUALA LUMPUR,. Billion Dollar Whale is also an account of the power and corruption that money can bring, author Tom Wright wrote last night to explain the narrative of the book seen as chronicling the 1MDB saga.

In an extended thread on Twitter, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) writer said he and co-author Bradley Hope set out to to paint a full picture of the titular “whale”, fugitive financier Low Taek Jho, the man he categorised as someone who “never had a real job”.

“Low’s is more than just a heist story — though the theft of US$5B, is staggering. It’s a tale about how money buys anything in the world: a mega-yacht, friendship with Leo DiCaprio, trips to the White House, attention from Goldman Sachs. Money+chutzpah make the world go round,” he wrote.

Wright and Hope’s book was released globally yesterday. The former has been running interference to efforts by Low and the latter’s team of publicists and lawyers who are trying to discredit the book and others like it.

Posting synopses from various parts of Whale on Twitter, Wright crafted the image of the quintessential grifter, describing Low as deceitful since his student days when the Penang-native plagiarised WSJ reports and presented these as his own.

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