Azmin wants MACC to find brains behind dodgy PKR sign-ups in Sarawak

Azmin wants MACC to find brains behind dodgy PKR sign-ups in Sarawak

KUCHING,. PKR deputy president Datuk Seri Azmin Ali has asked the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission to pursue the mastermind behind the dubious registration of party membership in Sarawak.

He congratulated MACC for conducting an investigation and detaining several people in connection with the allegations.

“But I would like MACC to conduct investigation who is the mastermind behind. The mastermind should also be brought to justice,” Azmin, who is also the economic affairs minister, said at a dinner gathering attended by over 1,000 party members here last night.

Although he did not elaborate, it is believed that he was referring to the sudden surge in the Julau PKR branch’s membership that went from 603 to over 13,000 in just one day.

He warned members in Sarawak that the party would be destroyed if they allow themselves to be manipulated and controlled by “towkays” with money politics.

He said the party is not for the personal benefit of individuals, vested groups, or family members, but belong to all the members.

“We must reject cronyism, nepotism and corruption in the party, “ Azmin said..

He is in Sarawak to garner support in his bid to defend his deputy president’s post against challenger Rafizi Ramli.

“I believe this weekend we will create history that the people of Sarawak cannot be bought by the money,” he said.

“We don’t have millions of cash, we don’t have private jets, but what we have is our spirit and idealism to continue with our struggle for the people. So, I want the towkays not to take away our struggle from us,” he said.

He hit out at certain individuals who have only been in the party for a few months, but want to exert their control over members who have been with the party over the last 20 years.

“There are many among us who have been in the party for years, and it is not easy to fight for the party’s struggle in Sarawak because of its big size,” he said.