Be Grateful For Peace, Prosperity Enjoyed In The Country – King

Be Grateful For Peace, Prosperity Enjoyed In The Country – King

KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 9 (Bernama) — Malaysians should be grateful for the peace and prosperity they are enjoying, said Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Muhammad V.

The King said he believed that the people had learned a lot from incidents happening in several countries, especially in the Middle East, which are facing armed conflicts, bloodshed and in chaos.

“As such, I call on my beloved subjects to always appreciate efforts made to safeguard peace and security in the country. Do not look at it as a petty issue and take it lightly.

“Appreciate the struggles and sacrifices, the sweat and tears of members of the security forces who sacrificed their lives, set aside their rest for the sake of ensuring security and safeguarding peace and harmony and the country,” said Sultan Muhammad V in conjunction with his birthday celebration today.

His Majesty said the people should also be alert to the negative developments happening lately, such as the emergence of terrorist groups, which were becoming serious in the world, including in the country.

“I am confident with the capability of the Royal Malaysia Police and other agencies, with the cooperation and support of all the people, elimination of these elements and extremist cells can be overcome,” he said.

The King said he was optimistic that the Malaysian people, who comprised various races and ethnic groups, as the most valuable assets, would continue with the agenda of unity and harmonious living.

His Majesty said that he hoped for and prayed that the country’s economy would maintain its growth momentum at a stronger rate and expressed the importance of support from the people for a more excellent economic agenda.

“Stop the negative actions that bring losses to the country by making irresponsible speculation and assumptions, as if to see the country’s economy collapsing and the country become bankrupt.

“Despite having to face various challenges currently, I believe with the mandate and support from the people, the government will continue to be strong in outlining strategies and agenda for the country and its people to continue to be respected internationally,” he said.

The Yang di-Pertuan Agong also reminded Malaysians to not be swayed by the country’s progress by becoming complacent so much so they no longer think to improve themselves.

“There are ample avenues for the government and the people to improve themselves from time to time,” he added.