Body of murdered woman found in locked cupboard of George Town flat

Body of murdered woman found in locked cupboard of George Town flat


GEORGE TOWN,.  Two Nepalese men were unknowingly living with the corpse of their housemate’s girlfriend for three days this week at the Green Garden Flat, Air Itam here.

The body of the Indonesian woman, Santi Restauli Simbolon, 25, was found in a sitting position inside a locked cupboard in the main bedroom of the house, at about 10pm last night.

Sources said that the two Nepalese men noted a foul odour emanating from the cupboard and had to pry it open.

The deceased, who worked as a factory operator, is believed to have been murdered on Sunday, and was last seen by the two men on Friday.

“The victim lived on the 17th floor of the same flat, and she was identified based on the purple makeup traces found on her nails,” the source said when met at the scene last night.

Meanwhile, a neighbour who declined to be named said that he frequently heard commotion at the house.

“(The woman’s) boyfriend (who is also Nepalese) moved in after getting to know her. Before that, he was living at a nearby unit provided by his company. (He later moved in with the two Nepalese men on another floor).

“I always heard quarrels and commotion from the (17th floor unit), especially when they were drunk. However, I had no idea why they were fighting. I did not want to interfere with their affairs,” said the neighbour.

Northeast district police chief Assistant Commissioner Anuar Omar said that the two housemates, aged 22 and 23, have been detained to assist in an investigation under Section 302 of the Penal Code.

“We have identified the man, a Nepalese aged 27, and are tracking him down.

“We believe jealousy could be the motive behind the murder.

“The four of them, including the victim, were all working at the same factory,” Anuar added.

by Muhammad Yusri Muzamir.

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