CFM To Introduce CIS So That Consumers Can Understand Terms And Conditions Easily

CFM To Introduce CIS So That Consumers Can Understand Terms And Conditions Easily
JOHOR BAHRU, Nov 9 (Bernama) — The Consumer Forum of Malaysia (CFM) will introduce the Critical Information Summary (CIS) for telecommunications and multimedia companies so that consumers can understand terms and conditions before purchasing any goods or products on offer.

CFM director Ahmad Izham Khairuddin said CIS was a summarised version of the terms and conditions that consumers normally sign without studying the contents in detail when buying products, thus ending up paying extra hidden charges.

“CIS will be a one-page summarised version that consumers can easily read unlike the normal terms and conditions that are written in miniature letters that consumers can hardly read.

“In the CIS summary, the details will be clearly spelled out for the consumers to read and understand before signing or buying any products,” he told reporters at a Knowledge Sharing Session held for the 5th time at the New York Hotel, here today.

Ahmad Izham said every CIS document must clearly spell out the type of services offered or the products offered, the duration of the contract, exemption (if any) and important terms and conditions, especially penalties or fines imposed.

The CIS is an important document that sets out a range of essential information about every product or service on offer from each service provider and provide clear information about products, plans and services to enable users to easily compare what is being offered for both postpaid and pre-paid services.

Each Critical Information Summary document must set out key information about the service being offered, including: clear description of the service the minimum term for the contract any exclusions or important conditions, limitations or restrictions.

Key pricing information must also be included, such as minimum and maximum monthly charge for the service, maximum fee for early termination, standard charges as well as general information such as a warning about international and national roaming costs, customer service details for the provider and Telecommunications Industry Ombudsmen (TIO) contact details.

He said based on CFM statistics, the number of complaints received from consumers in 2015 had increased from 6,904 in 2014 to 7,326 in 2015 and as of October 2016, the number of complaints received was 5,973.

“The increase shows that awareness among consumers has increased and many know their rights and actually go through the terms and conditions set by the respective companies.

CFM is an independent organisation set up in February 2001 by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC).