China’s Bid To Attract Foreign Brains And Create Own Talents

China’s Bid To Attract Foreign Brains And Create Own Talents

BEIJING (Bernama) — To reverse the brain and to inculcate a culture of innovation in the society, China is doing its level best to relax its immigration policies to attract foreign brains.

According to, China will ease the permanent resident application process for foreigners with the requirements made flexible and pragmatic.

Permanent resident applications for foreign professionals under key government talent introduction programmes including the ‘Thousand Talents’ recruitment programme for global experts launched in 2008 will be given priority.

For foreigners working in fields with strong government support, conversion of work permits to permanent residence permits will be eased.

Outstanding overseas students will be subjected to fewer restrictions if they want to remain and work in China.

SIMPLIFY PROCESS TO OBTAIN GREEN CARDS reported red tape will be cut in examining and approving applications for permanent residence. For high-level professionals and foreigners who have made outstanding contributions, application will be simplified and waiting time for approval shortened.

Foreigners with permanent residence status will enjoy equal treatment with Chinese citizens in purchasing property, children’s schooling and other areas of life.

There is no limit on the duration of permanent residents’ stay in China.

Permanent residents’ permits or green cards have been notoriously difficult to obtain in China, and many people feel there is little use of owning one.

However, now the Chinese authorities are introducing new policies to increase the practical use of green cards with the goal of attracting top talents to the country.


Besides relying on foreign talents, China is also making efforts to encourage and provide support to its citizens to become an innovative-thinking society with entrepreneurial spirit.

According to the State Council of the People’s Republic of China, it is crucial to further boost entrepreneurship and innovation among the masses.

Forces that have traditionally driven economic growth are weakening and it is imperative to intensify structural reform, boost efforts to implement the strategy of pursuing innovation-driven development. Also all institutional obstacles should be removed to give way to mass entrepreneurship and innovation.

Brain drain is happening in all countries, therefore it is important to attract foreign talents and start nurturing own citizen to embrace innovation.

It will not only take the economy to new heights but also attract foreigners to invest in advanced industry.

However, one may still ask whether China will able to build an innovative nation like the United States as its citizens are not trained to be a free and creative thinkers or in expressing themselves freely.

BERNAMA (Samantha Tan Chiew Ting)

Bernama’s correspondent in Beijing Samantha Tan Chiew Ting shares her take on China.

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