DAP’s Fall Out With Abdul Hadi Not Strange – Selangor PAS

SHAH ALAM, March 24 (Bernama) — Selangor PAS has described DAP’s fall out with PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang over the hudud issue as nothing strange.

State PAS secretary Mohd Khairuddin Othman said it was the DAP that made the decision.

“(The action) is not strange. What would be strange is if there are PAS members who do not stand by the president (Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang).

“Even though the DAP has rejected our president, we in Selangor will stand by him,” he said in a statement today.

DAP secretary general Lim Guan Eng allegedly launched a polemic against Abdul Hadi today, calling him to leave the Pakatan opposition if he insisted on tabling the hudud bill in the Dewan Rakyat.

Lim allegedly accused Abdul Hadi of betraying pakatan by filing the notice of motion to the Dewan Rakyat on March 18 for tabling of the Private Member’s Bill to implement the hudud (law) in Kelantan.

Meanwhile, Mohd Khairuddin said Selangor PAS would continue to stay in Pakatan Rakyat.

“Selangor PAS has not received any instructions from the top leadership to leave Pakatan Rakyat,” he said.


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