Don’t blame reformist for party poll chaos – Tian Chua

Don’t blame reformist for party poll chaos – Tian Chua


KUALA LUMPUR: PKR vice-president Tian Chua trained his gun against those accusing the reformist group for creating chaos during the party polls.

Speaking to ANT, Tian Chua said more than 20 years the true reformists have fought in a peaceful manner. They displayed high degree of discipline and self-controlled in the struggle despite facing violent repression by police and FRU.

Those groups creating chaos were new members and possibly recruits from BN who have not experienced the reformasi era, Tian Chua said.

In addition, the former Batu MP said the top leadership who have been with reformasi movement since the beginning understand the values of sacrifice.

He urged PKR members to vote and continue to support leaders who can truly appreciate the fighting spirit of the reformists over the years.

He reiterated that the veteran reformists are pinnacle for the continuous success of the party.

Last week, there were unwanted incidents happenened in Kedah PKR party polls due to the system failure of electonic voting.