Dr M: Power given to Pakatan govt not for self-interest

Dr M: Power given to Pakatan govt not for self-interest

PUTRAJAYA,. Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad today reminded the government and members of the administration that the power bestowed on them was for them to perform their duties and not for their self-benefit or interest.

Speaking at the monthly assembly with staff of the Prime Minister’s Department here today, he said if power was to be abused, the country would not progress and cause moral decline in the society.

“That’s why we have to be careful when we do something using the power given to us. If we realise or feel unsure that the power may cause something not good to our country, it is better that we do not exercise that power and it is better that we discuss and get advice on how the power is to be exercised, he added.

The prime minister said he wanted members of the administration to understand and be clear that the purpose of establishing a government was to ensure the country become more progressive.

Dr Mahathir said although in the beginning, the benefit could not be seen, but with the establishment of a peaceful and prosperous country, the result would be enjoyed by all the people, including the administrative members.

He said there should be peace and harmony in Malaysia so that the country’s wealth could be distributed equally to reduce the gap between the urban and rural areas.

This, he said, could be achieved with good governance, without corruption and events intentionally made to stir chaos and racial animosity.

“When we have rioting problems and others, we have to handle them wisely as a government that is concerned and with experience,” he said.

He said the government wanted to see all Malaysians enjoy the country’s wealth and independence.

“It’s not our intention to hamper urban growth and wealth, but if the gap between the rich and the poor is too far, it will raise feelings of envy and hate.

“Because of that, there will be hostility between urban and rural areas, between the poor and the rich, even between one race and another,” he added.

Therefore, Dr Mahathir said, he was confident that all the staff at the Prime Minister’s Department not only know how to do their job, but also the country’s needs. ? Bernama