Enchant your holiday with Jeju Shinwa World

Enchant your holiday with Jeju Shinwa World


Jeju Shinwa World, the first premium integrated leisure and entertainment destination resort in Jeju is delighted to announce its opening in December 2017.

Spanning across a total area of approximately 2.5 million square meters, Jeju Shinwa World is an integrated leisure entertainment destination resort in Jeju.

It is also Jeju’s first premium integrated destination resort, groundbreaking commenced in February 2015 and expected to continue its ohase from 2017 to 2020.

Landing Jeju Development Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Landing International Development Limited is the developer and operator of Jeju Shinwa World.

The exciting Jeju Shinwa World offers its visitors world class hospitality, leisure, entertainment and gaming facilities.

Jeju Shinwa World offers more than 2,000 premium hotel rooms, luxury resort apartments and vilas under global brands such as Four Seasons Hotel, Marriott, Somerset, Landing and Shinwa. 

Somerset Jeju Shinwa World opened in April 2017 and offers over 340 units of world class three bedroom service apartments with furnished and designed interiors.

Jeju Shinwa World Hotels & Resorts also offers event facilities with a versatile choice of venues for large conventions and exhibitions.

One of the highlight is the availability of an exclusive and substantial 2,000 square meters pillar free ballroom meant for special events or business functions.

The theme park opened in September 2017 offers an exciting and thrilling experience.

The theme park developed with TUBan, one of Korea’s premier animation companies.

The distinct offerings by the theme park are Larva Adventure Village, Oscar’s New World and Rotary Park.

Apart from Shinwa Theme Park, Landing is cooperating with Lionsgate, a global content leader to build the world’s first liongate outdoor theme park.

Lions Movie World spans approximately 122,000 square meters and centered around multiple renowned Lionsgate film properties is Lionsgate’s first branded outdoor theme park and the latest milestone continued to ramp up the entertainment business.

Visitors can experience actual movie scenes through state-of-the art rides, attractions and 4D intellectual property(IP) reproduced streets and towns. It also includes The Hunger Games, The Twillight Saga and Now You See Me.

To create an ultimate experience destination for K-Pop pilgrims, YG Entertainment will have exclusive shops selling celebrity memorabilia and restuarants serving siganture Korean delicacies.

Visitors to YG Republique can indulge in the enchanment of Korean celebrities while going on a  shopping spree.

G-Dragon, the offical ambassador appointed by Jeju Shinwa World will take part in the designing and developing of GD Cafe as well as Rock Bowling Bar.

In December 2017, the remaining facilities in Jeju Shinwa World including Marriott Resort, restaurants and food streets, retail mall and foreigners only casino will be open to public.