FMLLP insist the fines on team are not too heavy

FMLLP insist the fines on team are not too heavy


KUALA LUMPUR,.  The 10 teams that were fined by Football Malaysia LLP (FMLLP) on Tuesday for incomplete or late submission of registration document for the 2018 season are no worse off than they were last year.

Following complaints that fines of RM1.5 million and RM500,000 for Super League and Premier League teams respectively are too severe, FMLLP chief executive Kevin Ramalingam argued that the punishment matches the increase in incentives given to M-League clubs this year.

Incentives for Super League teams increased from RM1 million to RM3 million while Premier League sides will receive RM1 million this year compared to last year’s RM250,000.

“Looking at the revenue generated by the teams and the grants given by us to Super League and Premier League teams, there is no effect on them,” said Kevin during a Malaysian Indian FA (MIFA) oath-taking ceremony against corruption and drugs in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday.

“A fine of RM1.5 million compared to a grant of RM1 million given last year would be excessive. But if the incentives given keep increasing, like we have done this year by giving Super League teams RM3 million, then there really is no change.

“After taking into consideration the fine of RM1.5 million, Super League teams still have a balance of RM1.5 million from the grant, which is 50 per cent more than last year’s grant.

“So it is not that the teams are getting less than last year. We are trying to be as fair as we can but we must also be stern on this issue.”

Kevin added that by hitting teams hard in the pocket, FMLLP hope to make them realise the importance of professionalism in football.

“The management of football teams must make sure they are up to the challenge and they can’t do things as they did previously in this era of multi-million ringgit football,” said Kevin, who confirmed only Selangor have so far submitted an appeal to reduce the fine.

“We hope they update their skill-set and become more professional. Our target in the coming years is to give RM6 or RM7 million to the teams but if the management of teams continue to behave like this, how to give them so much money?

“Sponsors also will shy away because they won’t be happy with this kind of attitude.”

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