In leaked video, Muhyiddin alleges Najib admitted to misapropriating funds

In leaked video, Muhyiddin alleges Najib admitted to misapropriating funds

The Malaysian Insider, Malaysiakini and Malay Mail Online reported that in the video posted on YouTube, Mr Muhyiddin alleged that the prime minister admitted to having RM2.6 billion (US$683 million) transferred into his bank account.

Mr Najib is currently battling allegations that US$700 million were channelled into his personal bank accounts through entities linked to debt-ridden state investment firm 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB).

Both Mr Najib and 1MDB have repeatedly denied any wrongdoing. Mr Najib has repeatedly stated that he has never used public funds for “personal gain”.

In the video, the former deputy prime minister, who was sacked on Tuesday, is seen talking to a group of people, including Kedah chief minister and the son of former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad, Mukhriz Mohamad. Mr Mukhriz’s visit to the former deputy prime minister’s house took place on Tuesday, the same day was ousted, the Malaysian Insider reported.

The following is a transcript of the alleged conversation:

Muhyiddin: I asked him ‘From whom?’ He did not mention (what his name was) but from somewhere in the Middle East. How much?  After that … it’s difficult to count. He said ‘A lot, a lot’ … Then I said ‘Why did it enter your account? Why did it enter the account of Najib Razak?’ How much money? US$700 million, if you multiply by 3-point-something, 2.6 billion goes into his personal account. That’s what he said!

Unknown speaker: He admitted?

Muhyiddin: He admitted. So I said, why did you put it into your personal account?

Channel NewsAsia has contacted the Prime Minister’s Office for comment.