Innovation and Sustainability through the Dutch way

Innovation and Sustainability through the Dutch way


KUALA LUMPUR: MDBC once again is proud to announce the launch of the MDBC Innovation & Sustainability Awards (MISA) 2018.

With a focus on organizations who are working on innovations that make the world a better place, MISA ‘18 is scheduled to take place on 12 October and will feature three categories open for competition.
1.  Best Social Innovation
2.  Best Environmental Innovation
3.  Best Start – Up / Scale – Up in Sustainable Innovation

The award categories this year gives a wide range of companies the opportunity to participate, and with MISA open to all (members and non – members) for participation, they expect to reach a wide segment of the business community.

As always, MDBC continue to grow and evolve the program.  Part of this year’s program will be comparable with the famous “Shark Tank” concept.

MDBC will be inviting shortlisted companies in the category of Best Start – Up / Scale – Up in Sustainable Innovation to pitch their solution to some of the leading organizations in the field of innovation, venture capital management, government, and corporate, who will consider the long term growth potential of the presented business concepts.

Event partners are making award prizes and rewards available.  These range from mentoring and fund raising advice sessions with experts, to patenting assistance, or providing office space and facilities.

They also encourage those who are interested in supporting MDBC’s goal of helping the business community develop a more complex understanding of Innovation & Sustainability through the sharing and recognition of Best Practices to become a Sponsor or Advertiser of MISA ‘18.  Be an Innovation & Sustainability Champion.

MDBC depends entirely on corporate sponsorship for financial support to run this event.

“We very much appreciate your consideration for supporting MISA ‘18.

“Through a range of opportunities, we offer your organizations options to match exposure wishes and benefits with varying levels of commitment.” announced via a press statement.

To avoid any conflict of interest, organizations that choose to compete in MISA are not allowed to also become a sponsor.

Nominees however, can still be MISA advertisers.

Additional information and registration forms can be found at: