It was golf diplomacy, says PM Najib

It was golf diplomacy, says PM Najib

KOTA BARU: Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has explained that his private trip to Hawaii to meet US President Barack Obama was a diplomatic gesture that will benefit the country.

The Prime Minister said there was nothing unusual about the trip and described it as “golf diplomacy”.

“This has been a common practice even by previous prime ministers including during Tunku Abdul Rahman’s administration.

“I was personally invited by Obama and it is hard for me to turn it down as it has been scheduled much earlier,” he told a news conference at Sultan Ismail Petra Airport here yesterday.

Najib cut short his trip and flew straight to Kelantan to monitor the situation.

The Prime Minister said although he was away, he received constant updates about the floods situation.

“Since it is getting more serious, I decided to return home. I flew straight here to check on the situation. We are committed to help the flood victims.

“While I was there, the Deputy Prime Minister was here and while he was away, I was here to look after the country,” he said.

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