It’s all very quiet at the printing shops

It’s all very quiet at the printing shops

GEORGE TOWN,.  For printing shop operators, good business is expected in the general election although the sound of “ka-ching” is not loud yet.

Many politicians are unable to start printing their election-related materials as their candidacy had yet to be finalised, said a printing shop operator, who wanted to be known only as Ah Thye.

“I’ve received many enquiries from potential candidates but they have not placed their orders yet.

“My business will improve over the next few days,” he said.

Ah Thye said that some political parties would only announce their candidates a day or two before nomination day, so it was quite hard for him to make necessary preparations.

“I cannot order additional printing paper early as I have no idea whether the candidates want me to print their election materials.

“Furthermore, the competition in this industry is quite big,” he said.

Aiko Tan (pic), a manager of another printing shop, said her company had not received any orders so far.

“It is a bit quiet now but I think business will pick up as nomination day draws nearer.

“Some people will feel that printing their materials in China may be cheaper but I don’t think candidates will opt for that due to time constraints,” she said.

Tan said meeting the deadline was important as she must deli­ver the orders the next day or even the same day since the campaigning period is short.

Printhero Malaysia owner Hadi Abu Osman said he received several orders for button badges with the political party logo and party flags but not orders for personalised items with the candidates’ names or photographs.

Potential candidates for MCA, Gerakan and DAP, when contacted, said they had yet to order their election-related materials as they could not confirm whether they were contesting or not.

Lim Swee Bok, MCA’s potential candidate for Pengkalan Kota, said his team was still finalising the designs and orders would only be made after nomination day.

Penang Gerakan vice-chairman Oh Tong Keong, who is likely to contest in Pantai Jerejak, said he only had leftover Barisan Nasional flags from past elections in his service centre.

Komtar assemblyman Teh Lai Heng said he would be printing about 10,000 report cards, recycled bags and T-shirts for his team members and other personalised items if he is chosen to defend his seat.

“The items, including billboards and banners, are expected to cost about RM50,000. For state seat candidates, we will also have to pay RM10,000 for a package of standard items for the party.

“My funds usually come from my supporters and public donations,” he said.