Kai Ko to undergo voluntary drug rehab in Taiwan

Kai Ko to undergo voluntary drug rehab in Taiwan

Prosecutors have granted Ko’s request to undergo voluntary drug rehabilitation at a hospital in Taipei at his own cost, instead of undergoing enforced drug rehabilitation, because he has “shown remorse and has been truthful with the authorities”.

Ko will have to undergo periodic drug tests but will not be prosecuted and will be spared from having a criminal record if he stays clean for the next two years.

The 23-year-old actor had appeared morose and tired when he appeared in court on Wednesday afternoon, but left about two hours later looking cheerful and much more relaxed.

“Because of my mistake, I have put all the directors and actors who have worked with me under tremendous pressure, I am very sorry!” Ko told the gathered media after the court hearing.


Actor Kai Ko posted a photo of himself smiling on Instagram, along with a message for his fans.

Ko also posted a photo of himself smiling on his Instagram account later that day.

“The result is finally out! But no matter what! I must make myself better so the future can be better and better! I’m not just shouting a slogan… but I really want to work hard to make myself stronger!” said the actor in a message which accompanied the photo.

The majority of Ko’s legal troubles appear to be over, though the same cannot be said for his friend Jaycee Chan, the son of action star Jackie Chan.

Jaycee Chan, who was detained alongside Ko in Beijing, has been in the custody of Chinese authorities for about 60 days now, and faces the criminal charge of providing a venue for drug use.

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