‘Kuantan enjoys development despite being under opposition’

‘Kuantan enjoys development despite being under opposition’


KUANTAN,. People here can enjoy benefits from federal and state development programmes despite being under the opposition for the past two terms.

Kuantan Barisan Nasional divisional chief Datuk Seri Wan Adnan Wan Mamat said the benefits came from projects, such as tackling squatter and traffic problems, as well as providing affordable homes.

“We (Kuantan Umno) played a significant role in solving squatter problems in Tanjung Lumpur, Tanah Putih, Tanjung Api and Galing.

“This issue has not only been brought up with the state government, but also raised at the federal level. There is now zero-squatter problem.

“We proposed the construction of the flyover in Jalan Bukit Ubi towards Indera Mahkota and Sungai Lembing, which was completed last year. This has provided ease of travel for 100,000 residents as it reduces congestion into the town centre.

“The construction of a bridge connecting Tanjung Lumpur and the town across Sungai Kuantan will boost the economy.”

Wan Adnan said the government had approved the construction of 2,426 units of the 1Ma-laysia People’s Housing Project on a 82ha site in Tanjung Lum-pur, especially for young adults.

He said Kuantan Umno had requested the local authority to provide business spaces and opportunities for youth regardless of race, in line with BN’s policy to serve a multiracial society.

“We have a good relationship with the Kuantan Municipal Council as some of its councillors are from BN parties.”

He said this augured well for residents as their complaints to the council could be solved quickly, adding that Kuantan Umno had a complete database of the needy and anything related to charity, making it easy for them to help or take action.

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