Kurdish Militia Kill 16 IS Rebels In Northern Syria

Kurdish Militia Kill 16 IS Rebels In Northern Syria

DAMASCUS, Oct 3 (Bernama) — Kurdish militia killed 16 Islamic State (IS) militants near Kobane city in northern Syria on Thursday, Xinhua news agency reports quoting the Observatory for Human Rights.

The IS fighters were targeted by the Kurdish People’s Protection Unites (YPG) in Halang village near Kurdish city of Kobane, where IS rebels have launched an offensive against Kurdish militants to storm the city.

In southeastern parts of Kobane, at least seven Kurdish fighters were killed during clashes with the IS group.

The Human Rights Observatory said in earlier reports that IS militants were just metres away from the city and warned of a mass massacre if the rebels succeeded in taking the city.

Tens of thousands of Kurds have fled to Turkish borders since IS started its bombardment on Kobane and surrounding towns and villages.

Kurdish activists accused Turkey of aiding IS in battling Kurds in Kobane under the pretext of military intervention and to establish a buffer zone in Syria.


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