Langkawi one of Muslim Paradise Islands With Plenty of Halal Food

Langkawi one of Muslim Paradise Islands With Plenty of Halal Food

What better vacation than a vacation at a paradise island with crystal clear water, amazing coral reefs and alot of local halal food! This is what I call all-inclusive! These paradise islands with a muslim majority are a must-see for every muslim who loves to travel. Not only is the nature and the surroundings amazing, you will also feel at ease amongst your muslim family.

1. Cocos (Keeling) Island, Australia

Cocos Islands were settled in 1826 by Alexander Hare, an Englishman.

Even though Cocos Islands are a part of Australia, the mother language of the islands is Malay and English.

This paradise island with an area of 14,2 square km (5.5 sq mi) only has about 600 inhibitants. At least you’ll be found quite fast in case you get lost 😉

The newly named Cossies Beach in the Cocos Islands has been named Australia’s top stretch of sand by beach expert Brad Farmer.

In Cocos Islands 80% of the population are Muslims.

2. Zanzibar, tanzania

Islam arrived to Tanzania with the Arab slave traders.

Did you know that 98,9 % of the population in Zanzibar are Muslims?

Women with colorful clothes fishing in shallow watter. They are carrying their pots, with which they hunt small fishes into their net. After a couple of hours they take home just a full pot of small fishes.

Fun fact: Did you know that there’s an island in Tanzania south of Zanzibar called Mafia Island? It has some quite nice places to dive.

In Tanzania they speak more than 140 different languages! Mash’Allah – that’s almost a language for every citizen… Well, almost.

3. Lombok, Indonesia

Lombok is also known as the island of 1,000 mosques simply because there is a mosque in every corner! And their muadhins (the ones who call to prayer) has the most beautiful voices, masha’Allah!

Lombok is the place to feed your halal cravings and the place to try all the cocktails you’ve never been able to try. Plenty of mocktails (alcohol-free drinks) are available in Lombok.

Many hotels in Lombok promote themselves as Islamic with Qibla stickers and copies of the Quran in every room. Some hotels also removed MTV from their channel list 😉

If you take a drive around the island you can’t avoid noticing cute little boys with kufis and girls with hijabs leaving school in small groups or in a long line along the road.

Lombok has some of the most beautiful coral reefs because many small cities of the island are less visited by tourists.

4. Maldives

The Maldives converted from Buddhism to Islam in 12th century.

The Maldives contains of 26 small islands.

Most mosques are made of coral stone with corrugated iron or thatched roofs.

Most shops and offices in the Maldives closes 15 minutes after each call to prayer, so you never have to worry about missing your salah while shopping.

5. Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi has a long raining season of nine months from March to November. But hey, rain doesn’t stop anyone from eating, right? 😉

Malaysian food is so good and especially Langkawi has some of the most delicious both local and international food places! Seriously.

The island has 28 mosques and if you’ve ever met a Malaysian you will know how welcomed you will feel anywhere you go.

Langkawi is a duty-free island, so you might consider buying the gifts for family and friends back home at this island. What a shame you can’t bring them any food.