Live updates: Passing of Lee Kuan Yew, Day 5

Live updates: Passing of Lee Kuan Yew, Day 5


7.35AM: The elderly, handicapped and those with children under 6 were actively directed towards the Priority Queue, which was located at the junction of St Andrew’s and Stamford Road.

This was in contrast to the situation on Thursday, when scenes of confusion and bottlenecks in the Priority Queue were reported.

7AM: Officials said the estimated waiting for people looking to pay their respects to the late Mr Lee remains at 7am. The waiting time for those in the priority queue seems to be shorter, with some leaving the Parliament House telling our reporter that it took about an hour, while others say they came at 3am but only leaving at 7am.

6AM: The estimated waiting time for those looking to pay their respects to Mr Lee Kuan Yew is now 7 hours. Reporters on the ground say there is confusion over where the end of the queue is and this is causing a bottleneck, since people do not know where to join the queue.

 5.30AM: As people continue to head to the Padang to line up for the chance to pay their last respects to Singapore’s founding Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, officials are advising the public to not join the queue and wait for further updates. The estimated waiting time as of 5am is 8 hours.
Our reporters on the ground say the line from the Padang has tailed back to Swissotel the Stamford at Raffles City Shopping Centre.

5.15AM: Rehearsals for the State Funeral were conducted this morning, with uniformed personnel practising their drills. Tthe funeral procession will start from the Parliament House and end at the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) University Cultural Centre.