Local coffee and toast at Kluang Rail Coffee

Local coffee and toast at Kluang Rail Coffee

Kluang Rail Coffee has delighted train passengers, locals, and visitors alike with coffee and toast for close to 80 years now. The kopitiam can still be found in the same spot in the quiet Kluang KTM station where you can watch the trains and people go by.

Kluang Rail Coffee has since opened bigger shops in Kluang and beyond (their latest is in Batu Caves) but we’d go with the original any day

Their cosy canteen-like interior, enclosed by a wire cage and wooden boards make for a unique, nostalgic ambiance – the kind that insulates you from the noise and heat of the outside.

Whether it be the breeze or the old-fashioned setting, one thing’s for sure, the sleepy mood of the kopitiam matches the slow pace of the picturesque small town of Kluang.

We could sit here for hours people watching

The quaint kopitiam remains as popular as ever, with crowds flocking for a cup of joe and a plate of toast day in and day out. We went on a late weekend afternoon and the place was packed with locals who order in codes like an unwritten tradition; petak (square) for roti bakar and bulat (round) for steamed buns.

Those who want to bring their coffee home have the option of buying them in satchets or powder

We needed a good cup of coffee after a long drive to Kluang and that’s exactly what we got. The kopi o (black coffee, RM1.70) was thick and mildly strong with a hint of sweetness. It was just the pick-me-up we needed on a hot and lazy late afternoon.

The slow pace of everything around us made the coffee all the more satisfying. Even a simple cup of slightly sweet cold milk was fulfilling, putting us in a calm, relaxed mood.