Local university team Vanguard Triumphs in Salon COE competition

Local university team Vanguard Triumphs in Salon COE competition

KUALA LUMPUR,. Team Vanguard Designs, comprising graduate and post-graduate students from First City University College, today won US$10,000 with their interior architecture design for the Salon Centre for Media Excellence Interior Architecture Competition.

Team Vanguard’s proposal impressed the judges with their capacity to overcome the limitations of the building, while still meeting the competition requirements, through their proposal of a free-flow interconnected space that breaks the barriers of structure whilst maintaining the thematic narrative.

The six architectural and interior design teams from from First City University College, KDU Penang and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.were given the opportunity to participate in this avant-garde project that could literally transform the local content business scene.

They were invited to compete for the production of the design of the interior concept of the Salon Centre, a project developed by Salon Films (H.K.) Ltd.

Mr Wang Cheung Yue, Chairman of Salon Films said “We wanted to give a chance for the youth of Malaysia to show what they’re capable of achieving,” said Mr Wang during his opening remarks. “Let them come up with ideas for the interior, as a demonstration of their fresh, original, vibrant thoughts.”

“This is not only about competing in a prize-winning contest. It goes well beyond the normal for the students who put such efforts for the past six months to excel at a higher level to produce the awesome designs we saw from the teams. It is the Malaysian youth who has designed the future home for the Salon Centre,” said (Mr Wang Cheung Yue).

He lauded their efforts and the fact that the design for the Salon Centre will come from the creative ideas of Malaysian youth.

He also said the competition offered the young Malaysian generation the chance to indirectly participate in the building up of a strategic centre for the new Asian digital media and content business which is expected to bring about a new Asian economy through innovation.

Preston Tew, Director of Vanguard, stated that “We studied Salon as a company, and found out the three stages of Salon Films: their ambitions, their transformation of the business, and their desire to become more globalised. So, we incorporated these three stages into the building programme.

Team Vanguard comprises Preston Tew, Director; Marcus Chang, Project Manager; Alexis Phang, Marketing; Soh Zu Xin, Designer; Sherlyn Loo, Designer; and Sing Luan, Human Resources.

Salon Films, established in 1959, is a professional filmmaking servicing company and a creative video agency and is recognized as a prominent film production company in Asia.

The Salon Centre of Excellence for New Media, a building located in Kuala Lumpur, will be used to promote new media and to provide a space for the development of the film industry in Malaysia. Once complete, will be the strategic centre for the new Asian digital media and content business, a regional initiative that will draw on the participation of many Asian countries through the Asia Content Business Summit, established with the objective of raising and developing the Creative Multimedia Content Industries in Asia, and to bring people from related public and private sectors from Asian countries and regions together.

The Salon Centre will be the first in a series of such buildings across the Asian region.

The first Junior Enterprise modelled along the lines of the European Confederation of Junior Enterprises (JADE) concept was created by a group of post-graduate students from University Teknologi MARA.