Malaysia committed to combat online crimes – Jailani Johari

Malaysia committed to combat online crimes – Jailani Johari

Malaysia is committed on fighting online crimes such as fake news, cyber bullying and online fraud cases are on the rise.

During ASEAN MinisterialConference on Cybersecurity 2017, Communications and Multimedia Deputy Minister Dato’ Jailani Johari said many law enforcement agencies in Malaysia have set up their own internal laboratories in order to investigate cybercrimes that are under their jurisdiction.

He added that the increase in cybercrimes have led to a huge demand for digital forensic specialists who can assist criminal investigations and homeland security.

“Malaysia hopes to collaborate closely with Interpol in order to facilitate knowledge sharing and capacity building between our respective parties.

“With the establishment of the regional Digital Forensics Working Group through the ASEAN Forensics Science Network (ASFN) conference held in Singapore recently, we hope that this platform will be able to work closely with Interpol in order to quickly develop expertise in the region.” Dato Jailani pointed out during the conference.

Malaysia is ranked third among the 193 countries committed to cybersecurity, according to Global Cybersecurity Index 2017.

According to the index, Malaysia achieved a score of 0.89 behind Singapore and United States.

Our local lead agency National Cyber Security Agency (NACSA) under National Security Council, Prime Minister’s Department is in the right direction in terms of governance and focus.

The agency is also responsible in handling and managing cyber threats.

Our government initiative also continues with the establishment of Cyber Court set up on 1st September 2016 located in the Kuala Lumpur High Court in hearing cyber criminal cases