Malaysia Navy chief praised for regular Twitter updates on missing vessel search

Malaysia Navy chief praised for regular Twitter updates on missing vessel search

PETALING JAYA: Navy chief Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar (pic) has been praised by netizens for his informative, timely and frequent Twitter updates on the search and rescue (SAR) mission for naval combat vessel CB204.

In a series of tweets on Sunday and Monday, Abdul Aziz kept Malaysians abreast of all pertinent updates relating to the naval vessel from the time of its disappearance at 11.15am Sunday to its safe rescue on Monday evening via his official Twitter account, @ChiefofNavy.

“You are doing an excellent job Tan Sri. Thank you for all the initiatives by TLDM to protect Sabah waters,” Sabah Tourism, Culture and Environment Minister Datuk Masidi Manjun tweeted.

“TS is the fastest social media user,” said @najeeb_edward.

“Love love love the live updates! Keep up the good work!” said @girlfromkk.

“Really cool live update (siap gambar di laut) drpd @ChiefofNavy berkenaan SAR. Alhamdullilah selamat. (Really cool live update (including photos at sea) from @ChiefofNavy regarding SAR. Alhamdulillah, all are safe),” tweeted @akubetul.

The SAR team was lauded over the quick recovery of CB204 and the missing crew praised for its resilience during the episode.

Abdul Aziz and the SAR team also received a congratulatory tweet from Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein.

Among the tweets posted by Abdul Aziz were notifications on the search and rescue developments, location of vessels, weather conditions, causes of the disappearance and assurances on the safety of the crew members.

He also called for Malaysians to pray for the safe recovery of CB204 via twitter.

At 6pm Monday, Abdul Aziz tweeted that all seven crew members were found safe and hungry after their ordeal.

The boat was found 140 nautical miles off Kota Kinabalu and 30 nautical miles away from a Malaysian navy station off the Western coast of Sabah.

A communication failure is believed to have caused CB204 to be separated from KD Paus at 11.15am Sunday after both vessels departed together from the Kota Kinabalu Naval Station at about 5am.

When located, it was discovered that CB204 had engine complications as well.

Netizens also took to The Star Online’s Facebook to commend the CB 204 crew and rescue team for their efforts in returning the missing ship.

“Well done to the search and rescue and thank God for both teams safe return,” said Parvi Ponambalam.

“After so many tragedies this year, this is definitely one piece of a real good news. Bravo soldiers!” added Kimmy Rai.

Twitter user @Penipulara congratulated the handling of the situation, noting that the issue remained free from politicisation and speculation on social media.

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