Malaysian KE7B team gearing up for North Pole expedition mission

Malaysian KE7B team gearing up for North Pole expedition mission

A Malaysian team known as ‘KE7B’ is gearing up to embark their 111km North Pole expedition mission.

Before they start their mission, the team is required to undergo two day training at Longeryearbyern, Norway.

The preparation will allow the team to be familiar with the gadgets and techniques that need to be adhered during the expedition.

The two days training will allow the North Pole expedition members to uphold a strong discipline and experience when performing the expedition, reported TV3.

The training also teaches them the ways to overcome any eclipse threat that they may encounter during the expedition.

According to expedition member Muhammad Muqharabbin Mokhtarruddin, the trainer emphasis on timing of the expedition and also they are taught the basics to place the equipment at the right place.

The expedition members are given a 10km training at Longeryearbyern, Norway before they embark their expedition.


This time expedition members from US and United Kingdom also involved in the expedition which will be an added advantage for KE7B members to gain more experience.

Even a dog is used during the expedition to sense any incoming environment threat during the expedition.

Meanwhile, KE7B advisor Datuk Akmar Hisham Mohd Yusof said the Malaysian expedition team will gain skiing experience from the international expedition members that will help to perform a better expedition mission.

Datuk Akmar added that doing a joint training with international expedition members also gives them a solidarity to work in a team that boost a stronger bondage among the members.