Mariah Carey shines at Singapore gig

Mariah Carey shines at Singapore gig

But US singer Mariah Carey proved that she still knows how to put on an excellent show, when she performed during her Mariah The Elusive Chanteuse Show at the National Stadium on Friday (Oct 24).

Although her earlier concerts in Tokyo and Seoul drew negative reviews, Carey appears to have bounced back, and had many concert-goers on their feet as she kicked off her Singapore gig with 110th St and Fantasy.

The 12,000-strong audience screamed and cheered while Carey belted out songs like Cry and Honey. But they went absolutely crazy during her performance of I’ll Be There by The Jackson 5 as well as her hit song Hero, which moved many of them to tears.

Carey went on to sing Supernatural and We Belong Together, before closing the show with Always Be My Baby and Butterfly.

Although the stage had been repositioned closer to the audience to ensure that the pitch recovers in time for the AFF Suzuki Cup, it doesn’t seem to have dampened the enthusiasm of concert-goers at all, many of whom were seen swaying to the music throughout the show, and singing along with Carey.

In fact, having the stage closer to the audience seemed to have the unexpected effect of giving Carey the opportunity to connect with her fans on a more personal level.

Carey actually took time to read the messages on the signs which her fans brought as well as respond to them on stage. She also blew kisses and waved to them every chance she had, thanking them for their support.

However, the drawback of this arrangement was that fans seated at the edges could see almost nothing but the two large video screens at both sides of the stage.

Still, Carey’s Singapore show was a blast, judging from the loud applause at the end of her concert. Her singing had been generally great during the show and she showed that she could still hit some of the high notes with some effort.

She seemed to know when she is not at her best, and steered clear of particularly demanding songs as well as sidestepped problem portions in others.

Her concert’s success is also a testament to her amazing crew. Carey’s trio of backup singers did an excellent job supporting Carey and made sure they were able to fill any gaps in the show.

They, along with the band and the dancers, entertained the audience with performances of their own, giving Carey ample time to change costumes and rest at strategic points during the concert. This extra rest time definitely contributed to Carey having the energy to give her best on stage.

It is a fact she doesn’t look quite the same as she did before. It is also a fact that she doesn’t hit the high notes quite as effortlessly as before.

Yet, Carey still had the same smile and the same fun-loving attitude that she had in the past. She is still Mariah Carey, and made up for all the imperfections in her show with great showmanship and sass.

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