Media Statement by the International Affairs Bureau UMNO Youth Malaysia @hazaliH

Media Statement by the International Affairs Bureau UMNO Youth Malaysia @hazaliH

Interference by Chinese Ambassador Dr Huang Hui Kang in Malaysia ‘s Internal Affairs

1. The UMNO Youth International Affairs Bureau rebukes the actions of the Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia Dr Huang Hui Kang who has clearly interfered with the Malaysia’s internal affairs.

2. We take seriously the statements made following his visit to Petaling Street , Kuala Lumpur on 25.9.2105. His decision to go to a place considered ‘sensitive’ at this time, and the statements made at the venue has raised eyebrows and might cause negative conjecture on a potentially volatile issue. This has gone too far.

3. Among others , the Chinese Ambassador said that China would not stand idly by should an incident occur involving racial tension between the people of Malaysia.

4. We are duly noted of his statements but according to the norms and protocols of international relations, no foreign power has the right to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries.

5. Malaysia has allowed space for freedom of speech and peaceful rallies and would not seek to silence any party from voicing their opinions – even ones from those who are not in agreement with the current government.

6. The Malaysia-China diplomatic relationship has been very strong for the past 41 years and this friendship should be improved and maintained amicably.

7. Last year, Beijing has lent Malaysia two pandas – Xing Xing and Liang Liang – as a sign of our 40 years of diplomatic relationship.

8. This ‘Panda Diplomacy’ was done in the spirit of friendship and closeness at the highest level between the two nations and we assure all parties that the Government and the people of Malaysia are touched by this honour granted by Beijing.

9. In the spirit of friendship and bilateral relations that has prospered for so long, we believe the actions of Dr Huang to be highly inappropriate and we ask that he clarify himself on the matter.

10. The UMNO Youth International Affairs Bureau also calls on Wisma Putra to take the necessary action on the Chinese Ambassador Dr Huang Hui Kang for his excessive behaviour.

11. We would also like to remind other Ambassador and High Commissioners to seek advice from Wisma Putra before making any visits or statements especially when it involves respecting the feelings and sensitivities of the Malaysian people.

12. We hope that this isolated incident would not mar the excellent long standing existing relationship between Kuala Lumpur and Beijing.

End of statement.

Dato Mohamed Hazali Abu Hassan – Chairman


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