MH370 kin give five debris pieces to Putrajaya, want search resumed

MH370 kin give five debris pieces to Putrajaya, want search resumed

PUTRAJAYA,. A group representing families of those aboard missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 handed to Malaysian authorities today five pieces of debris purportedly from the plane’s wreckage.

The group calling itself Voice370 then urged the government to resume the abandoned search for the plane that disappeared in 2014.

Transport Minister Anthony Loke, who received the debris pieces, said the government would consider this in the event there are credible leads on the plane’s possible location.

“However, the decision to resume the search will depend on the Cabinet,” said Loke at the ceremony.

Grace Nathan, whose mother was on the ill-fated flight, said fishermen found the debris along the coast of Madagascar.

She added that members of Voice370 privately funded a search in Madagascar to inform residents there to keep watch for possible plane parts washing ashore.

She also urged the government to fund the Madagascar search.

Blaine Alan Gibson, an independent investigator, claimed the previous two search missions were based in the wrong locations.

“My investigations show that the plane lies in an area called the 7th Arch, which is an area of around 1,000 miles along Australia between latitude 28 and 34,” Gibson claimed to reporters.

He urged the government to continue searching for the plane on a “no find, no fee” basis that would cost Malaysia nothing if the plane is not found.

MH370 disappeared on March 8, 2014, while flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing.

The plane and all 239 people on board remain missing to this day despite a global search effort that has since stopped.

Its mysterious disappearance has spawned countless conspiracy theories ranging from industrial espionage to alien abduction.