MIC Subang takes serious effort to settle stateless issue faced by Indian community

MIC Subang takes serious effort to settle stateless issue faced by Indian community

2017-05-28 15.50.50

In rolling out the aspiration of Malaysian Indian Blue Print launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, MIC Subang division and Pertubuhan Unik Malaysia have launched the ‘Mega MyDaftar’ campaign.

‘Mega MyDaftar’ campaign is an initiative unleashed by MIC President Datuk Seri Dr S Subramaniam to identify and settle Malaysian Indians facing birth certificate and IC issues in this country.

Under the Special Implementation Task Force (SITF), MIC had kicked off its nationwide initiative to settle issues pertaining to IC and Birth certificates.

Speaking to Asia News Today, Pertubuhan Unik Malaysia chairman and its Subang parliamentary Indian Strategic director A Prakash Rao had welcomed the sincere effort aspired by the government to settle the remaining stateless issues faced by the Indian community in the country.

Calling the initiative as a genuine and moving forward effort, Prakash told ANT that they will do all the necessary measures to identify Indians in Subang parliamentary facing the stateless issue.

Prakash also revealed that they have called Tamil school headmasters, local NGO leaders, Temple chairmen to work together in a way to identify the number of remaining Indians facing stateless issues in Subang parliamentary area.

“Since 2009, Prime Minister Najib and MIC have addressed this stateless issue.

“As such with the remaining stateless cases, we will go all out to settle the remaining cases,” said Prakash.

Prakash added some cases were pending for a long time due to lack of documentation.

With today’s effort, Prakash said there are even cases with young kids without birth certifcates and elder person holding red IC that need to be addressed with sincere effort.

So his team will take the effort to compile all the necessary documentation of each cases before bringing all the cases brought before them to National Registration Department (NRD) on June 15.

MIC Subang division chairman N Saundrasan and his team also hoped NRD will further facilitate to expedite in settling the cases brought to them.

MIC Subang division and Unique Malaysia will work in hand to make this programme a success as well as achieve MIC President’s vision.