More raids on illegals by Immigration enforcers

More raids on illegals by Immigration enforcers



Immigration Department enforcers
conducted two raids at Seri Kembangan and Kota Kemuning yesterday night following the end of the E-Card application deadline on June 30.

The operations led by Immigration director-general Datuk Seri Mustafar Ali said the department is stern to act against the errant employers who failed to register their illegal employees within the stipulated time frame.

Mustafar also pointed out that only around 25 per cent employers registered their illegal employees for the E-card application.

This clearly shows the employers do not heed to the several calls made by the Immigration department.

He added that the Immigration will not compromise to the situation and will continue to conduct raids.

Mustafar had asked the Immigration legal team to speed up the process to prosecute the detained employers.

In yesterday’s raid at Kota Kemuning the Immigration enforcers made 90 arrest and at Sri Kembangan 9 Nigerian males, 5 Vietnam males and 3 Bangladesh males were detained.

Meanwhile, 49 were also raided. At Sri Kembangan it was a hot spot for loud music and a drinking joint with illegal activities.

The E-Card, launched on Feb 15, functions as a temporary confirmation of employment for illegal workers and replaces valid travel documents from their countries.

The card is given out to employees for free and is valid until Feb 15, 2018.

The Immigration Department has reiterated that it would not extend the deadline for the E-Card application.