Most of beautifull theatres in Ukraine

Most of beautifull theatres in Ukraine


The multifaceted Ukrainian architecture is represented not only by the ancient cathedrals but also by a number of cultural venues like theatres. Going from the 16th-century Italian Renaissance to the 19th-century Art Nouveau styles, there are a lot of buildings and interiors that will delight and amaze

Theatre of Opera and Ballet, Lviv

The Lviv State Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet is not only a gem of Lviv’s architecture but also a Ukrainian one. The building is among the most beautiful neo-Renaissance architectural examples in Europe, often compared to the Viennese opera house. Its doors first opened in 1901, but the construction started three years earlier. One can endlessly marvel its façade, but the splendid interior is worth paying attention to. The Lviv’s Opera House is named after an inspiring woman in Ukrainian history – Solomiya Krushelnytska, who was an opera diva.

Opera and Ballet Theatre, Odessa

The 19th-century building of the Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre is a true pride of Ukrainians. This remarkable monument had become a symbol of the city quite some time ago. The theatre constitutes an architectural mix of Italian Renaissance, Viennese Baroque style and classical Rococo. From afar, Odessa Opera and Ballet Theatre resembles Dresden Opera House.

National Opera of Ukraine, Kiev

The National Opera of Ukraine is located in the heart of ancient Kiev on the intersection of two crowded streets – Vladymyrska St and Bohdana Khmelnytsogo St. Its façade is decorated with stucco moulding, while on the main entrance one can see the composition in the form of gryphons, holding a symbol of music – a lyre. Since the beginning of the 20th century, the theatre has seen tens of thousands of incredible performances, among which one should mention the incredible ballet of Sergei Polunin (famous Ukrainian ballet dancer and actor from the film Dancer).

Suzirija, Kiev

Suzirija (Constellation in English) is a Kiev Academic Workshop of Theatre Art and the first Ukrainian engagement theatre at the same time. It was created in 1988, and since that time it served a magical pastime for locals. Nowadays, the theatre building is a historical attraction in the Art Nouveau style. However, until 1908, Suzirija was a private property. The mansion was a venue for Kievan intellectual, where art salons were regularly held. Interestingly, every single play starts from the tour around the mansion led by the art director of the theatre.

State Academic Music and Drama Theatre, Vinnytsia

The Vinnytsia State Academic Music and Drama Theatre is a must-see attraction in Ukraine. Its construction started in 1910 and lasted just for 11 months. At that time, the city was already been a regional centre, and the local elite could easily afford to allocate funds for theatre construction. Moreover, the Vinnytsia State Academic Music and Drama Theatre is located in the heart of the city and constitutes an interesting attraction for tourists.