Najib Lists Three Requirements For Win In GE14

Najib Lists Three Requirements For Win In GE14

KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 10 (Bernama) –UMNO president Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak today listed three requirements for the delegates at this year’s party general assembly to take back to their respective areas for execution in efforts to ensure victory for Barisan Nasional (BN) in the upcoming 14th general election (GE14).

The prime minister said the first requirement was for the divisional leaders to resolve any leadership issues through discussions in the family spirit of UMNO.

He said this was in view of the question of the party’s top positions having been resolved by the delegates by unanimously approving the motion of no contest for the positions of party president and deputy president in the next UMNO elections.

“At the divisional level, they should together agree to resolve the issues amicably. I know which divisions have problems, they’re not even talking to each other. Please resolve the issues in the family spirit of UMNO,” he said when winding up his speech at the close of the party’s annual general assembly, here, today.

Najib said the party delegates and members should also accept the party’s decisions on the selection of candidates for GE14 for the love of the party.

“I want to tell that whether or not (a person) becomes a candidate, it is not my heart’s decision but the party’s. Even if I like that person (to be a candidate) but the party does not approve, I have to say sorry. (We) have to accept that decision because we need to field winnable and likeable candidates to secure victory for the party,” he said.

Najib also urged UMNO members to struggle and bravely battle it out to ensure a big win for BN and to defend the federal administrative capital of Putrajaya.

The prime minister explained that UMNO and BN had the momentum to win as the party and ruling coalition had the support of people from all walks of life due to the clear and well-paced agendas in administering the country.

Most of the government officers are on our side and supporting BN’s policies. ‘Thank you’ to the government-linked companies (GLCs) and government-llinked investment companies (GLICs) too as they support us too.

Many CEOs support us. Last time, they wanted to act professionally but now, they support (us) openly as they are confident with the direction of BN, he said.

Describing UMNO as the party of the future and for the future , Najib said the backbone of BN had created many success stories.

If we look at the northern part of the peninsula, we have the Special Border Economic Zone. We also have the West Coast Expressway if we go further down to Perak. In fact, we are going to have the new Proton plant which will be built in Tanjung Malim. As for the Klang Valley, Kuala Lumpur has become among the 10 most liveable cities and fourth most visited city in the world.

In addition, we have the MRT (Mass Rapid Transit), with the second and third line being constructed. We will ensure that Bumiputera traders will occupy 50 per cent of the business premises at the MRT stations, said Najib who is also Finance Minister.

He said the situation was different for the opposition as they did not have a clear agenda and had always been chaotic when handling matters.

He also described the opposition’s stance as cartoonish as they often changed their minds on many matters.

In his winding-up speech, the UMNO president also raised the question of who would become prime minister should the opposition win in the upcoming general election.

“I heard that someone named Lim Kit Siang is interested to become prime minister. And then, there is a 93-year-old who wants to become prime minister again. Even (the president) of Zimbabwe is no longer around. So, how are we going to bank on our future on these two individuals” he asked.

In his winding-up speech, Najib recorded his appreciation for the delegates who approved the motion for the posts of party president and deputy president to be uncontested, and he pledged to uphold the trust given to him to steer the huge ship of UMNO into a brighter and more glorious future.

Najib said although he knew that the motion would be discussed at the general assembly this time, he made the stand not to interfere as the matter had to do with his position in the party.

“This is because I believe the decision to bring the motion to the general assembly must come from the delegates and not on the directive of the president or that I had whispered the matter to someone,” he said.

Later at a press conference, Najib said the decision was based on the UMNO constitution as the highest authority in the party is the general assembly which could amend the constitution.

On this year’s five-day general assembly which ended today, Najib described it as extraordinary and that he was very satisfied with the overall running of this major event.

Asked whether GE14 would be held soon, Najib said: Anytime before June.