Najib Wants JPP To Be Agents Of Meaningful Urban Social Transformation

Najib Wants JPP To Be Agents Of Meaningful Urban Social Transformation
PUTRAJAYA, May 29 (Bernama) — Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak wants the Residents Representatives Committees (JPP) initiative which he launched here Friday to be agents of meaningful urban social transformation.

He said he hoped the JPP, whose membership consisted of members of the local communities and local authorities (PBT), will to lead to an evolution in the nation’s administration at the community level to reflect that of an advanced nation.

The country, he said, would not be complete if urban residents did not have leadership that reflected that urban communities wanted change, dynamism and a grand dream for country.

“The emotional connection (between the government and urban residents) is loose. This can be rectified through JPP leadership,” he said.

More than 4,000 JPP members attended the ceremony.

The JPP, which is a brainchild of Najib, will play the role of a facilitator between federal government agencies and the people to create fluorishing cities.

Najib said JPP had to play the role of an important machinery, like the Village Security and Welfare Committees in the rural areas.

He said the setting up of JPP was an initiative by the federal government to carry out transformation of urban management since almost 70 per cent of the country’s population now lived in towns.

“The figure will continue to increase to 75 to 80 per cent by 2020,” he added.

Besides the transformation of the economy and the government, Najib said there was a need for social transformation in the urban areas which are facing various challenges and complex problems, besides the expectations of their residents.

“If the roads have holes or drains are clogged, the expectations of the residents is that the government should have a way of solving them and fast.

“But the problems in towns are not just that, there is also crime and and security issues, which cannot be left to the police alone.

“The JPP must play a role to create a safe town concept and carry out patrols and encourage the community to do something to safeguard their respective areas,” he added.

Meanwhile, Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan said JPP was formed to serve as a bridge to bring the government and the urban people closer so that the government would be the first to know their problems.

“The role of the federal government is not felt in the town areas, despite more than 70 per cent of the services provided, like health and security, are by federal agencies.

JPP provides an opportunity, as well as encourage, the urban residents to participate in programmes and development in their neighbourhood.

A total of 2,288 JPPs have been formed in 98 local government authorities nationwide.

Each PBT is divided into 24 JPP zones.