Nasi lemak with inviting extras

Nasi lemak with inviting extras


IT IS tough to refuse spicy food in a country like Malaysia.

One of my must-have spicy “cheat” dishes is nasi lemak which has too much of a good thing in it.

The ubiquitous dish that is often accompanied with rendang has even influenced my mother to recreate her version of it from our favourite restaurants and stalls.

A handful of non-halal nasi lemak stalls and eateries have also mushroomed over the years to include pork, wild boar and lamb rendang.

StarMetro checks out four eateries in the Klang Valley that are worth visiting for a nasi lemak fix.

The nasi lemak with pork rendang at Chuup is served with sides of blanched kangkung and acar.

Chuup Restaurant

40, Jalan SS 22/25, Damansara Jaya, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

When I cannot decide what to have for dinner, I often head to Chuup, a small family-run restaurant near my home.

A close friend introduced this eatery to me a few years ago and I have been hooked since then.

A good dish is their pork chop but their nasi lemak with pork rendang is a must-try.

It comes with a serving of fragrant steamed rice with coconut milk, acar (pickles), hard-boiled egg, blanched kangkung, anchovies, peanuts and sambal.

You have a choice of pork rendang or fried chicken to go with your nasi lemak.

This is available for lunch and dinner.

San Peng Nasi Lemak

Jalan Baiduri, off Jalan San Peng, Kuala Lumpur

I discovered this stall by chance after making a wrong turn while driving one evening.

The long queue of customers waiting for a plate of nasi lemak piqued my interest, so I joined the line with about 20 other eager customers at 10pm.

This stall is run like a mixed rice stall, where you can choose your favourite side dishes to go with your rice.

I opted for the chicken curry, a piece of luncheon meat, fried egg, sambal, peanuts and long beans.

Cockle and cuttlefish sambal, which are not my favourite, are available, too.

The damage was RM8, but it was satisfying. Seats are limited so opting for take-away is recommended.

The stall opens from 8.30pm to 2am from Wednesday to Saturday.

Nasi Lemak Wild Boar offers a large serving of wild boar curry accompanied with a decent portion of rice and condiments.

Nasi Lemak Wild Boar

Kuchai Lama Food Court, Kuala Lumpur

If you are looking for a supper jaunt, the Kuchai Lama Food Court is a good option.

It offers a mix of local dishes but the one that caught my eye was the Nasi Lemak Wild Boar.

The signage is clear and big so you will not miss it.

The wild boar curry comes with the regular nasi lemak combination.

Similar to mutton curry, the wild boar version is tasty and flavourful.

They serve big portions here so the RM8 was well spent.

Besides wild boar, they serve mutton, sambal petai, cockle sambal, dry chicken curry and fried chicken.

Ann Nasi Lemak opens at 7am and sells out fast.

Ann Nasi Lemak

G-24, ICC Pudu, Jalan Kijang, Kuala Lumpur

If you are an early riser and don’t mind the humidity of a food court, give this nasi lemak spot a try.

This stall opens at about 7am for breakfast and closes after lunch.

The crowd doubles on weekends and the stall operator often has to turn away customers after 10am as most dishes would have finished.

Similar to a mixed rice stall, you can customise your plate but they do have a few specialities here like the curry pork skin rice (RM6), curry pork rice (RM7.50) and shrimp and minced pork rice (RM7).

Other dishes include lamb curry, squid sambal, chicken curry and cockle sambal.

There is ample seating but it may get noisy when it is crowded.