Navy to improve management skills through design thinking

Navy to improve management skills through design thinking

KUALA LUMPUR,. The Royal Malaysian Navy has decided to adopt Genovasi’s “Design Thinking” programmes to change the management style and creative capabilities of its officers.

The Design Thinking process model at Genovasi, a school specialised in providing Design Thinking programmes to both the public and private sectors, is based on the Hasso-Plattner-Institut D-School model from Germany

On Thursday, the navy’s Education and Training commander Rear Admiral Datuk Rusli Ramli met up with Genovasi Malaysia chief executive officer Datuk Lee Yew Meng for discussion during the latter’s courtesy visit to the Sultan Idris I Training Centre at the navy base in Lumut.

Discussing the different range of programmes available for the navy to select from, it was eventually decided that Genovasi will deliver three of them, including its Basic Track programme, a Fast Track programme, and its residential programme better known as DT Re.Bootcamp (DTRB).

The Basic Track and Fast Track programmes are based on the Hasso-Plattner-Institut D-School model from Germany. Genovasi combines the model with action learning and real-world application modules.

Currently the Basic Track caters to sub-lieutenants and midshipman, while the Fast Track caters to lieutenants and lieutenant commanders.

The DTRB is specifically aimed at higher-ranked Jusa C-level officers. Functioning as a residential programme, it will take officers out of their typical workplace and place them in a new environment to make empathy and user-centricity a core value of their organisation.

The navy was demonstrably eager to cooperate with Genovasi in ensuring the proper implementation of the Design Thinking programmes.

It was also agreed that it was crucial to engender positive mindsets in helping officers cope with the taxing and demanding nature of their jobs