Negri MB: Return stolen items

Negri MB: Return stolen items


SEREMBAN,. Mentri Besar Aminuddin Harun has expressed regret over the illegal removal of furniture and air-conditioning units from several community halls and pre-schools run by Kemas (Commu­nity Development Centres).

He claimed that some Kemas teachers had been told not to hold classes as those centres had been closed.

“Some people have trespassed into these government-owned centres and illegally taken away tables, chairs and even air-conditioners.

“I wish to remind them that these items are government assets and taking them illegally is an offence,” he told reporters at Wisma Negri.

He said his officers would lodge police reports if the items were not returned within the next 24 hours.

“We know some of the culprits. We don’t wish to get the police involved, but we hope the items will be returned so that the pre-schools can operate as usual,” Aminuddin added.

He also said similar items from service centres previously funded by the state government had also gone missing.

“These items do not belong to individuals as they were acquired using state funds, so they have no right to cart them away,” he said.

On a separate matter, Aminuddin said Village Development and Security committees could continue operating as usual.

“Although these posts are political appointments, they can continue to operate until we decide otherwise,” he added.

-The Star