New KPI For BAM Coaches

New KPI For BAM Coaches

KUALA LUMPUR, March 26 (Bernama) — From April 1, the Badminton Association of Malaysia coaches performance will be measured by a new Key Performance Indicator (KPI) under the new restructuring programme.

BAM president Tan Sri Dr Tengku Mahaleel Tengku Ariff said it was part of the restructuring effort proposed by newly-appointed BAM technical director Morten Frost Hansen.

“Generally we are very happy with what Frost presented to us and we agree to the proposals. The coaches will be given new contracts but with KPI. BAM will also relook at the welfare of players and their contracts,” he told reporters after chairing a BAM exco meeting here, today.

Tengku Mahaleel said the BAM would also ‘realign’ all the ‘misalignment’ of salaries and income of coaches and players.

Meanwhile, Frost said under the new structure, the decision would be taken collectively after discussion with coaches and administration.

“The new structure will be a flat structure, where there will be no head coaches for the players. All the coaches will report to me directly. Other than that, the coaches will get new two year contracts but reviewed every six months.

“When we set new targets for the players, obviously that becomes the target for the coaches to reach,” he said.

Frost added that under the new structure, if the administration wanted to terminate a coach or a coach wanted to resign, the notice period will be three months.

“Previously it was just one month, but this will be more fair for both sides,” he said adding that four more coaches would be employed to cater for the shortage of coaches faced by the BAM.