Now, Sarawak PKR claims proof massive vote buying occurred in Julau poll

Now, Sarawak PKR claims proof massive vote buying occurred in Julau poll

KUCHING,. Nov 12 — Sarawak PKR today produced what it believes to be “damning evidence” of massive vote buying involving its Julau branch to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

State PKR information chief Vernon Kedit said the alleged corrupt practices took place prior to and after the suspension of the Julau branch’s election over the hacking of tablets last Saturday.

“We now have incontrovertible evidence that vote buying occurred in Julau, adding to the mountain of evidence already available that fraud and various criminality have taken place.

“In this tiny thumb drive is explosive and shocking evidence that blatant and unbridled corruption occurred rampantly in Julau. The details are sickening and the modus operandi disgusting, to say the least,” he told reporters before lodging a report at the state MACC headquarters here.

Kedit declined to say whether the thumb drive contains videos and photographs of people openly handing out cash to PKR members to cast their votes for certain candidates.

“The damning evidence speaks for itself and we leave it to the MACC to take appropriate action,” he said, adding that he cannot reveal too much, but will let the MACC investigate.

He said about 1,000 party members of the PKR Julau branch went to the polls on November 10, including those who were dubiously registered.

Despite “corroborating facts to validate our allegations of dubious membership registration”, Kedit said no action was taken by the party’s governing body to remedy the situation.

“Instead, no foul play or fraud was the finding of the party’s secretariat,” he said.

Kedit said the state PKR thanked the “brave people of Julau for coming forward and stepping up to expose these corrupt practices which are abhorrent to the rule of law and an outright mockery of what ther party stands for.

He said this is his second report he lodged with the MACC after the emergence of evidence which shows the culmination of the carefully engineered and orchestrated scheme to intentionally manipulate the party’s election process and outcome.

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