Conclusion of Keadilan’s election

Conclusion of Keadilan’s election

KOTA KINABALU,. Parti Keadilan Rakyat protracted party election finally concluded on 11 November 2018. It was a meaningful coincident as it fell on Hari Rakyat, a date to commemorate the founding of Parti Rakyat on 11 November 1955. Parti Keadilan merged with Parti Rakyat in 2003. We would like to see ourselves inheriting the principles and values of the pioneers who fought for independence, and later for a just and equitable society.

Hari Rakyat reminded us that our present is a continuation of a long process of struggle. We have a proud history and a legacy that we must defend. Partly because of this reason, Keadilan was courageous to adopt a system of direct democracy in which every individual is given a say in determining the party’s leadership and policies. We acknowledged that there are still a lot of weaknesses and shortcomings in our effort to realise this principle. At times, I was also quite embarrassed and saddened by the conducts of the party election, some of them were quite inexcusable.

At the end, I am relieved and glad that the entire process is over. A new set of leadership is now voted in. Yes there are still some discrepancies here and there. Some issues yet to be resolved — minor objections, adjustment to vote counts or disputes over procedures and so on. By this stage, all of us should “wind down” and start to reconcile. We must return to one family.

In this spirit of comradeship, we must get back to the main work of being in politic, that is to serve the people. I am sure, everyone have our own heavy responsibilities to fulfil: the new president-elect, Anwar Ibrahim with his reform agenda in the Parliament, ministers with official duties, MPs with budget debate etc. The rest of us who are not legislators, have to start to the reconstruction process and strengthening our party, at the grassroots level. Even more importantly, for all of us who love the party, we must also repair our party’s public image to show that we are magnanimous, rational and professional.

I also want to congratulate Azmin Ali for successfully defending the post of Deputy President. Meanwhile Rafizi Ramli too deserves complements for his efforts to complete the party democratic process. I believe the new leadership will appoint him a role and certainly the party values his contribution. Now it is time for reconciliation at all levels for the consolidation of the party.

Lastly I thanks all party members and supporters for their support and commitment. Without all of you, the leaders will not sustain. We must proudly declare we are again standing united.