Paris attacks: Lisa Millar hits back at criticism over jacket worn during ABC broadcasts

Paris attacks: Lisa Millar hits back at criticism over jacket worn during ABC broadcasts

Foreign correspondent Lisa Millar has slapped down a Twitter follower who publicly criticised her lack of wardrobe rotation while she was covering the recent terrorism attacks in Paris for the ABC.

The Twitter user, named as Stephen Blackman, tweeted that the experienced reporter should make it a priority to visit a David Jones store to get a “few more clothes”, after Millar wore the same black jacket while reporting on the tragedy.

When Millar, the ABC’s London bureau chief, responded online with a simple “huh?”, Mr Blackman explained: “the same jacket … report after report … I’m sure you follow”.

The Walkley-award winning reporter retorted: “Funnily enough I didn’t have time to shop. Mental note to self – pack better when covering breaking news tragedies.”

Mr Blackman’s criticism prompted numerous responses from male Australian reporters who had also travelled to Paris at short notice to cover the breaking news story, including from Channel Nine personality and Today Show host Karl Stefanovic.

?Stefanovic, who famously wore the same blue suit on air for a year to highlight the double standards for men and women, said he had also worn the same jacket while reporting in Paris.

The Seven Network’s Europe correspondent, Hugh Whitfield, said he had been wearing the same jacket since the day of the Paris attacks and “barely had time to eat some days”.

James McHale, also an ABC reporter, suggested that Mr Blackman may have confused the tragedy with Paris Fashion Week.



After a flood of online support, Millar wrote that clearly there were “some attitudes that just stay the same”. She was not upset, she said, and needed a “bit of entertainment after a rough 10 days”.

She tweeted a photograph of the “offending” black jacket, laid out in a chair after becoming the subject of a “Twitter frenzy”.


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