Penang PKR wants central leadership to clear the air on e-voting system

Penang PKR wants central leadership to clear the air on e-voting system

BUTTERWORTH,. PKR members in Penang have urged the party to clarify the confusion and problems arising due to the e-voting system in the 2018 PKR Elections which kicked off yesterday.

Keadilan Youth deputy chief Dr Afif Bahardin said based on observations and surveys at branches where the polls were held yesterday, members were dissatisfied with the voting process.

“The election process this time is being done using new a system and what we saw is that PKR Party Election Committee (JPP) was not ready to carry out the election, causing various problems.

“So we urge PKR, especially the JPP and PKR secretary-general Datuk Saifuddin Nasution Ismail to take full responsibility for the issues, and to provide an explanation to all members,” he said during a press conference here last night.

He said incidents such as names of candidates and voters missing from the e-ballot system were very disappointing and an embarrassment to the party.

Dr Afif, who is contesting as central Youth chief said his team would send an official protest letter to PKR JPP calling for the Penang election results to be cancelled and to hold the election again as many candidates were dissatisfied.

Earlier there were confusions when the leadership line-up included PKR JPP chairman Datuk Rashid Din wanted to leave the hall after the press conference by JPP secretary Ismail Yusop at the same place.

A group of Penang PKR members present at the JPP press conference tried to clash with the JPP leadership causing a scuffle with chairs thrown at each other.

Dr Afif and several state PKR leaders later calmed the situation and dispersed the incident. ? Bernama