Potential market of wood carving Industry and furniture

Potential market of wood carving Industry and furniture

KUALA LUMPUR (Asianews) Datuk Seri Mohd Redzuan Yusof, The Minister of Entrepreneur Development (MED), with representatives from the industry also participated in the visit including TEKUN and Yayasan Restu.
Undertook a working visit to Jepara, Central Java, Republic Indonesia on 22- 23 October 2018, This visit is a follow-up from YB Minister’s recent visit to Bali earlier this month from 10-12 October 2018 which had focused on the wood carving sector, cooperatives and start-ups.

In Jepara, the Minister inspected a number of wood carving facilities throughout the city’s ecosystem.
He also had a series of discussion with the local authorities regarding potential collaboration between
Malaysia and Indonesia to help energise the development of the wood carving industry in Malaysia as
well as to boost market access for the furniture and handicraft sectors of the two countries.

For this purpose, MED is proposing to sign a Memorandum of Cooperation in this area which would include the
attachment of wood carving experts from Indonesia in Malaysia for a certain period of time.

Minister highlighted the possibility of Malaysia and Indonesia learning from each other’s best
practices, particularly traditional techniques in wood carving, including the use of Islamic motives in
wood products.

Based on available data, in 2017, there were close to 400 entrepreneurs involved in the wood carving
industry in Malaysia, which employed around 1,300 employees. Based on SME Corp’s data, there are
23 export ready SMEs in the wood and wood products industry He further stressed that there is tremendous economic potential for Malaysian entrepreneurs in this sector.

In view of this, the Ministry will lead the initiatives to enhance the potential and business
opportunities, among others, through the establishment of a dedicated cooperative of wood carvers
which could then collaborate with their relevant Indonesian counterparts.

YB Minister also highlighted that enhancing expertise in the wood carving sector could directly boost
the wood-based furniture industry in Malaysia.Going forward, the Ministry will be initiating more
programmes to train more young entrepreneurs in the wood carving industry that would then create
more job opportunities and eventually enhance the contribution of this sector to the economic growth
of the country.