Pua praises DPM for ‘sensible and responsible’ statement

Pua praises DPM for ‘sensible and responsible’ statement

PETALING JAYA: DAP’s National Publicity Secretary has praised the deputy prime minister for his “sensible and responsible” statement regarding 1MDB which was indicative that the Cabinet was aware that all was not right with the trouble-stricken investment company.

Pua also pointed out that Muhyiddin Yassin’s Friday statement was in direct contrast to the one the prime minister gave the previous day clearing 1Malaysia Development Berhad of any “wrongdoing” even before the forensic audit had begun.

Saying that Muhyiddin was “unusually quick to correct” any misconception of what took place in the Cabinet”, the MP for Petaling Jaya Utara also noted how the DPM was demanding explanations from 1MDB’s Board of Directors regarding the many questionable business transactions the company executed that did not generate long term profits to the company or government.

“This (is) the first time any Government Minister has ever conceded that there were transactions by 1MDB which did not result in any long term returns to the taxpayers,” Pua said in his statement.

He also praised Muhyddin’s veto on the use of any Government funds to bail out 1MDB and said, “Not only did the Deputy Prime Minister stop any fresh funds from being injected into 1MDB, he also prevented 1MDB from strip selling its prized assets to raise the desperately needed cash.”

Speaking on behalf of DAP, Pua expressed his full support of Muhyddin’s statement and said, “Malaysians can only breathe a temporary sigh of relief that not all in the Cabinet were complete fools as to find no wrongdoing by 1MDB based entirely on a short briefing by the company and its auditors.”


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