Rapid calculation method helps kids to improve maths skills

Rapid calculation method helps kids to improve maths skills

KUALA LUMPUR: It is not simply by chance that the Chinese are strong in mathematics.

The ability to do mental arithmetics has been ingrained in them since the age of 5. Hence, mental calculations forms part of their daily habits. 

When a child is counting, their brain is developing. The result of this is that their brain also develops faster.

The Mental Arithmetic system being used in China today is Shifengshou Rapid Calculation – a rapid algorithm method, where a person is able to mentally calculate very huge numbers without the assistance of computers or calculators.

Shifengshou has a simple set of calculation rules and is highly systematic. It encompasses Addition, Multiplication, Subtraction and Division.

This rapid calculation method is learnt just by one hand. Today this multi maths system is a core part of China’s education primary syllabus.

Parents are increasingly sending their children for Mental Arithmetics classes, not just to be adapt in mathematics, but also to develop creativity, problem solving and resourcefulness.

When a child’s ability to problem solve is cultivated, the child is able to handle tough challenges in life, and help them grow with strong analytical skills.

This is especially suitable for hyperactive kids, where a lot of that excess energy can now be transformed to faster brainwork.

Even for adults, the practice of mental arithmetic keeps the brain stimulated, and hence they become mentally sharper and more alert.

For some background, the Shifengshou Education International Department in China was set up in May 1991 for the purpose of researching, developing and promotions.

Currently, the Shifengshou course is being promoted in America, Canada, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and this number continues to grow.

Today it has over 300 regional agencies and 3000 joint schools.

Source:The Star