Report: Anwar claims elements of corruption in PKR polls

Report: Anwar claims elements of corruption in PKR polls

KUALA LUMPUR,. Unnamed leaders in PKR are allegedly offering projects for support in the party’s internal election, president Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim said.

According to Utusan Malaysia, Anwar warned the group that he will not tolerate those who use “dirty tactics” in the PKR poll.

“I only want clean leaders to lead the party so that the objective of PKR to govern with better reforms can be achieved,” he was quoted as saying at the PKR Malaysia Day celebrations in Kota Kinabalu yesterday.

He urged party members to select leaders with the best policies and not those who abused their power for personal gain.

Anwar acknowledged weaknesses in the party’s ongoing election processes, after voting was variously suspended in several states owing to alleged irregularities as well as violent disagreements.

He warned that any member found guilty of violence will be expelled.

“Previously, MIC was famous for throwing chairs and now that MIC is virtually non-existent, they enter PKR and I will ensure those involved will be expelled from the party.

“There are shortcomings in the leadership and that is the reason why we postponed elections in Kedah and Perak, we want clean elections,” said Anwar.