Report: Young girls stripping for camera due to peer pressure

Report: Young girls stripping for camera due to peer pressure

KUALA LUMPUR,. Teenage girls, some of whom are minors still in school, are increasingly posting suggestive photos of themselves on social media.

A report by English daily The Star shed light on the happening, citing peer pressure as one of the most common reasons these girls are behaving as such.

The report claims these girls, some in their school pinafores, would strip for the camera with the photos later being circulated online.

The report cited a website which is said to contain raunchy content featuring such girls, some of whom are captured lifting their blouses to expose their breasts and in other suggestive poses.

Some of these videos and photos have reached 16,000 views, with certain websites openly offering pictures of school children purportedly from Malaysia.

The report quoted Dr Chong Yew Siong, a mental health and family wellness advocate, who claimed the rate of young girls exposing themselves online was increasing.

Dr Chong, who practices medicine at the Ayer Keroh Pantai Hospital, attributed the decline in moral behaviour to peer pressure, or being coerced by their boyfriends.

“Girls sending nude pictures or videos of themselves is like a badge of honour — to prove their sense of self-worth,” he was quoted as saying in the report.

Dr Chong explained these girls were attempting an “impossible balancing act”, by looking for their identity and trying to attain freedom, making them vulnerable to negative influences.

He also warned of cyber bullying that would stem from posting such material online, with possible depression, self harm, and even suicide on the cards should the trend carry on uncontrolled.

Dr Chong also highlighted how depression among teenagers was on the rise at an alarming rate, with several seeking treatment from him having discovered their photos were being circulated online.

“Some of the teenagers suffer from bipolar disorder, or Opposi­tional Defiant Disorder (ODD) that could be misconstrued as being rebellious and stubborn,” Dr Chong was quoted saying.

Also quoted was social activist RA Saravana, 48, who warned of the deterioration of moral values among the younger generation.

“It will be bad for future generations if the trend is not nipped in the bud,” he said in the report.

Saravana suggested an intervention and prevention task force be formed to address the problem.