Ronser Bio-Tech to expand business to India

Ronser Bio-Tech to expand business to India

KUALA LUMPUR: Ronser Bio-Tech Bhd, which specialises in integrated wastewater treatment solutions, is set to enter India’s market via a collaboration with Kohiahad Consultancy LLP.

The company signed a five-year deal today with Kohiahad to provide its technology to clean and remediate rivers and lakes in the Indian state of Jammu-Kashmir.

Chief Executive Officer Dr Pua Eng said the plan will take-off this year and for a start, Ronser will send its team to India this August, to perform testing of waters in the rivers and lakes of the northern Indian state.

“We will be providing whatever our partner requires and come up with suitable solutions for them,” he added.

Pua said that Ronser would use its technology adopted from Shanghai, China, called BioAX, which filters wastewater faster and more efficiently, than the conventional activated sludge process.

Of the 53 rivers and lakes in Jammu-Kashmir, seven are badly polluted, said India-based Kohiahad’s Managing Director, Dr Mubeen Shah.

“Jammu-Kashmir depends on tourism as one of its major sources of income, and taking care therefore, of our rivers and lakes is crucial,” he added.

Mubeen said besides helping clean up rivers and lakes, Ronser could also expand its business into the hotel industry in India.

Alongside wastewater treatment and cleaning and remediation of rivers and lakes, Ronser Bio-Tech is also involved in the drinking water and fish farming industries, as well as the treatment of municipal waste, particularly waste to energy.

It has business partners in Thailand, Indonesia and China. – Bernama