Runaway Chinese space station streaks across Malaysian skies

Runaway Chinese space station streaks across Malaysian skies

KUALA LUMPUR,.  China’s Tiangong-1 Space Station, which is currently falling towards earth streaked across Malaysian skies for 81 seconds from 3.19am Friday (March 30).

It was estimated that for the 81-second duration, the altitude of the Tiangong-1 dropped from 182.462km to 182.407km, according to the re-entry forecast issued by the National Space Agency (Angkasa).

In a statement, Angkasa reminded the public to not touch or pick up any suspicious objects.

The public was also asked to call the emergency line 999 to report any sighting together with their location and time, preferably with a video of the re-entry.

Meanwhile, Angkasa director-general Dr Noordin Ahmad said the probability of the Tiangong-1 falling in Malaysia was remote, with only a 0.09% probability.

“Angkasa has been monitoring the drop in the Tiangong-1’s altitude since November 2017,” he said, adding that Angkasa was working with the National Security Council to face any possibility.

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