Sabah to witness transformation under Najib’s leadership

Sabah to witness transformation under Najib’s leadership

Former Bugaya assemblyman Datuk Basalie Abd Hamid has urged the Sabah folks to appreciate and understand the Economic National Transformation programme delivered by the Federal government for the benefit of its state.

According to Basalie, since his days in Umno Sabah, he’s very happy and thankful to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for continuously bringing momentum development for Sabah.

In supporting Najib’s explanation on Subsidy rationalisation and GST implementation yesterday, Basalie said it’s done as part of a revolving process to strike off a balance to trade off economic challenges faced by the whole world including Malaysia.

Yesterday, Najib said despite the challenging global times and the fall in oil prices, Malaysia has managed to sustain growth of 4.2 per cent last year, “a figure that is the envy of many advanced economies”.

Najib added it was a tough decision to introduce GST and subsidy rationalisation.

Basalie also affirmed that the present government under Barisan Nasional ruling is doing it’s best to weather the adverse economic condition vis-à-vis for the rakyat to benefit as well as sustain a moderate living.

Amid many challenges since Barisan Nasional took over the country after independence in 1957, rapid development have been witnessed which benefits the rakyat, Basalie added when speaking to Asia News Today correspondent here in Kuala Lumpur.

Barisan Nasional has not neglected on the development of the country for the rakyat, Basalie reiterated.

As such, Basalie urged the Sabahans both in rural and urban areas to continue supporting Barisan Nasional to see a more and better development that will certainly be beneficial.

Meanwhile, in responding to Semporna member of parliament Datuk Shafie Apdal’s speech in Parliament yesterday asking the government to seriously look into the economic situation, Basalie defended that the federal government is taking all the necessary steps to address the situation.

Citing the efforts brought by Najib in Sabah especially the toll-free Pan Borneo Highway network in Sabah will be on par with those in developed nations when completed.

Even Najib promised “This is not a timber or kampung road. This is a world class highway.” when launching the Sabah Pan Borneo project in Sindumin.

On top of that, Basalie also said the Sabah state government along with Federal government are looking ways to bring a bigger economic transformation for Sabah that will surely benefit the rakyat.